Qsigma Line-based sensors

System concept using the example of suspension spring measurement.

From the point of view of production process optimization, wire helical springs are subject to increasing demands with regard to manufacturing accuracy.

A very precise measurement method is required in order to optimize the form and dimensional accuracy of the spring geometry in comparison with a stored target geometry especially in the set-up phase and during production.


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Qsigma Path tracing

Ergonomic, intelligent, accurate.
Ergonomics is a high priority
For the three-dimensional detection of different types of helical springs, the measuring system shown works according to the concept of path tracing. To optimize ergonomics when equipping the measuring chamber, the system is equipped with an L-shaped sliding door. This means that long types of springs can also be loaded into the measuring chamber and placed on the turntable. The helical spring is fixed on the turntable with conical mounting devices.
Measurement data leads to component optimization
The optical measurement method presented achieves a high level of measurement accuracy, as common limitations are circumvented using intelligent algorithms and electromechanical control. In addition, this method offers further advantages with regard to special spring geometries and the evaluations to be derived from them.


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