Qsigma: Jobs

Innovative, team player, determined.

Your benefits as an employee

Innovation through precision

We value technological innovation and craftsmanship in equal measure.

Balance between technology and craft

This synergy enables us to develop high-quality, innovative solutions that impress our customers.

Familiar working environment

We value committed teamwork and close relationships between colleagues.


We have a close bond between colleagues, which feels like being part of a big family.

We solve important problems.

Become part of a team that solves complex customer problems.

Pioneering spirit needed

You can help to make our customers' production processes more efficient and sustainable.

Additional holiday

Enjoy a generous vacation policy with us.

Recreation is also a must

With us you get 30 days of vacation

Additional holiday

Enjoy a generous vacation policy with us.

Recreation is also a must

With us, you get 30 days' vacation and, if required, additional leave so that you can enjoy your well-earned time off to the full.

Hybrid skills are welcome

We believe that versatile skills are the key to a company's future viability.

Beyond degrees

That is why we focus on versatility and passion, beyond the focus on a university degree.

Flexible working hours

Organize your working time individually and efficiently with Qsigma.


At Qsigma, flexible working hours are a matter of course in order to meet the individual needs of our employees and enable efficient work organization.


Who we are?
What do we stand for?

At Qsigma, we are experts in the development of efficient measurement systems for industrial use.

Our international team is passionate about designing optical measuring systems that offer maximum precision and reliability.

Our aim is to create first-class solutions that inspire our customers.

Are you looking for a working environment that focuses on innovation, precision and teamwork?

At Qsigma, we offer you the chance to take part in exciting projects in a family environment.

Qsigma: Apply now!

Small team, bright future.

You can work in these jobs with us:

Application form

Qsigma: Step by step

This is how our application process works.

1. send application documents

Ready to join us? Send your documents to karriere@qsigma.de. We look forward to receiving your letter of application, CV and references.

2. contact

We will contact you either by phone or e-mail after we have received your application.

We look forward to the contact and further discussions.

3. application interview

After carefully reviewing your application, we will arrange an appointment for a personal interview. Here you have the opportunity to convince us of your qualifications and motivation.

We are looking forward to the upcoming meeting.