SPC (Statistical Process Control) measurement

It is a testing measurement to check e.g. measurement system capability. Usually a special SPC part with known values is used. Comparing the actual measurement values with the known features, it can be checked, if a measurement system has a proper operational system mode or if it has to be re-calibrated.

The known SPC part features are typically stored in the SPC measurement template.

For optimum operation a skilled staff is always required. Learning by doing may be a solution. More straight forward is a qualified user training in a step by step structure. Preferably at your Qsigma system at your site. Qsigma’s training experts appreciate to assist. You may profit from their skills and experience. Scope and recurrence of course will be determined with your cooperation.
However, Qsigma does not understand a training as a unidirectional event. The background of your staff is as well important. Your input is highly valuable.