SPC (Statistical Process Control) measurement

It is a testing measurement to check e.g. measurement system capability. Usually a special SPC part with known values is used. Comparing the actual measurement values with the known features, it can be checked, if a measurement system has a proper operational system mode or if it has to be re-calibrated.

The known SPC part features are typically stored in the SPC measurement template.

Qsigma’s partnership doesn’t end with the installation or acceptance of your measurement system. Frequent maintenance and inspection of your system is of course available. Frequency and intensity is, however, governed by your particular requirements.
Maintenance is not always a matter of costly onsite service visits. Qsigma offers remote service and support in a wide range. In many cases an inspection of a calibration measurement is sufficient to identify the condition of your Qsigma system. If needed you will receive a detailed proposal of required maintenance actions.
 Thus onsite service is restricted to what is necessary.