In a measurement process, beside the data capturing itself, the method of evaluation is important to gain a characterization of the device under inspection. By averaging, filtering of data as well as by data reduction results can be affected.

SPC (Statistical Process Control) measurement

It is a testing measurement to check e.g. measurement system capability. Usually a special SPC part with known values is used. Comparing the actual measurement values with the known features, it can be checked, if a measurement system has a proper operational system mode or if it has to be re-calibrated.

The known SPC part features are typically stored in the SPC measurement template.

Development and construction as well as assembling is concerted in the Qsigma team. In consequence competence, experience and flexibility is available from one hand.
Your measurement task will be analyzed, meaningful feasibility tests are planned and executed and the integration in your particular environment will be discussed. All done under your guidance about process control, duty cycles or target criteria.
It is not only the measurement task itself, Qsigma takes care about. Reliable and quick part loading, a smart data capturing and evaluation , data export, data structure as well as the communication with the process line itself are part of our consulting service among others.
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