SPC (Statistical Process Control) measurement

It is a testing measurement to check e.g. measurement system capability. Usually a special SPC part with known values is used. Comparing the actual measurement values with the known features, it can be checked, if a measurement system has a proper operational system mode or if it has to be re-calibrated.

The known SPC part features are typically stored in the SPC measurement template.

All began with an idea: optical measurement systems for industrial applications. In research and development as well as in the harsh environment of a production floor.

Two young and eager technicians looked for their challenge. Electronic engineer Helmut Kuhn and physicist Dr. Stephan Werner joined to make their vision come true. Developing mature hardware and creating powerful software merged for engineering of industrial inspection systems.
The igniting spark was an inquiry from an automotive supplier, who was looking for an optical inspection system for automotive catalytic converters during the production process.

The field of application expanded. Global cooperation with customers became established. Eventually it led to the foundation of Qsigma in 2009. A company organized in a straight forward way to offer state-of-the-art measuring systems backed up with multilingual staff for straight and easy communication and support.
Providing user friendly, reliable and application specific inspection systems is Qsigma‘s business. Fulfilling customer‘s needs is the goal. Finding new pathways to innovation is the challenge.

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